Monday, December 14, 2009


Remember when you were a kid and December seemed to last forever? I used to keep tick marks on a white board with a picture of snoopy on the bottom, and those lines could never accumulate fast enough. Now December just flies by, and I hate it. I really want to be still and enjoy the peace and quiet of the snow, the fire, the coziness, and the lights. So I'm trying to create stillness these days. One way I've found that slows things down is that I actually say out loud what it is I'm doing - like, "I'm driving to work right now," or "I'm cooking dinner right now," or "I'm feeding the cats right now." It presences me to what's going on at that moment and helps me slow down and do just one thing at a time. I wish I could take credit for the idea, but like many good things, I read about it in O Magazine.

So I'm watching The Sing Off right now, and am happy that a capella music is getting popular again. I'm also working on my next episode of the Renaissance English History Podcast. Some of the reviewers on itunes said they wish that I did more episodes...well, I wish I had more time to do more episodes. Once my ILP is over, I'll have so much time, it'll be awesome.

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