Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Email and fertility

I'm trying to get control of my inbox with the help of InboxZero - a site by a guy who wrote a book about how to get control of your email. Honestly, the amount of time I spend on email is seriously mind blowing. I'm especially sick of the people who "reply all" on stupid stuff that has nothing to do with me, and then like 6 people get involved in a conversation about when to have a conference call, and the thing goes on forever, and it just kills me. So I'm learning how to create rules in outlook for listservs and reply-all's. And I'm committed to keeping an empty inbox from now on. Every day I lower it a bit more. It's part of not being a procrastinator any longer.

So I bought one of those over-the-counter fertility tests at Target the other day. J and I have been trying to get preggars for a couple of months now, and since I'm a little bit older (33 - egad!) I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to just do the test and see what it said. Here's the funny thing, though: I balked at the $22 price tag. I was like, "dang, I can buy something from bare escentuals with that money..." and then I thought about it and figured that $22 for a fertility test is like the biggest spending joke ever. Should I actually have a kid soon, I will be spending way more than $22 on him. So I better just get used to it. I hope my future kid appreciates it.

Oh, and the good news? According to the test, I'm fertile. Good to know.

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