Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Catching up on podcasts

I'm a bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to podcasts. I subscribe to about 100 podcasts. It's just too much to keep up two or three times a week I catch up on many of them. These are my favorites:

-Marketplace, which I listen to every day on the radio, and only grab the podcast when I miss it. I love me some Jeremy Hobson.

-The Dinner Party Download - by the same people who do marketplace, only it's fun.

-Infomania - kind of like The Daily Show, but it's only on once a week.

- In Our Time - a BBC Radio 4 Program(me) that covers all kinds of history and philosophy sorts of things.

- The Economist - just because I love the journalism.

- The Opinion column of the New Yorker - also because I love the journalism.

- F1 Minute - enough F1 news for my ADD brain to keep up with.

- The Guardian Books podcast - I love the recommendations and discussions.

These are the ones I try to keep up with pretty regularly. I grab a bunch of religion, buddhist-geek ones as well, but don't listen to them that regularly. So I'm catching up on podcasts today. Fun times.

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