Monday, March 31, 2014

Adventures in Baby Gear: The Solid Foods Edition

Baby H is eating solids now, and the earth-mother-goddess in me really wants to be all granola-y and make all her food myself.  No buying jars for me.  Plus, it's cheaper.  And I'm nothing if not cheap.

So on Saturday I got this Infantino Squeeze Station at Babies R Us, and a Fresh Starts baby food grinder.  Jonathan went to a bachelor party, and I got cooking and squeezing.

The setup.

Steam the frozen peas

baby food grinder

grind the peas

Ground peas.   Yum yum.

ground peas go into the top of the squeeze station.  Use the pushy thingy to push them down into the pouch.

And the finished product - Yummmmmmy pouch of organic peas!

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