Wednesday, January 8, 2014

On having a messed up pelvis

So my Hannah was five months old yesterday, and someone on my August mommies board started doing these chalk board things every month; now I'm copying.  That's my little stinker, who is now napping in her swing.  

Things are looking up for me with my PPD.  Being on less sugar is definitely making a difference.  I've also been exercising 6 times a week, and the endorphins are working for me.  And I started singing with the Claremont Chorale again this week after taking the fall term off, and I saw my magical osteopath friend Lori.  In addition to being an osteopath, Lori is a minister, and a "healer" in the ancient sense of the word.  So Lori asks me how I'm doing, and I respond that I'm dealing with some PPD, and she immediately pulls me into a separate room and starts poking around my butt, prodding and pushing.  "You had a hard labor," she says.  "Yep.  How can you tell?"  "Your butt is out of alignment, your pelvis isn't back in the right place, there's too much energy here with not enough room to get out."  


So Lori teaches me some stretches that I can do to release all this pelvic energy, or whatever it's called, and she says that's going to make a big difference in my depression.  Weird how that can work.  I didn't doubt it because I trust Lori completely, but then I googled "pelvic alignment post partum depression" and found some official articles that say basically the same thing that Lori said, but in more medical terms.   

There are also a bunch of PPD blogs that mention the pelvic pain.

Knowing that my depression might be linked to my pelvic issues, which I had during pregnancy too (getting dressed, rolling over in bed, getting out of the car, etc., were all very painful) I'm going to put off going on the happy meds for a little while and try these stretches and yoga poses that Lori taught me.  If it's related to my pelvis, then going on antidepressants isn't actually treating the problem in the first place.

I just need to get my husband's blessing on this experiment....

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