Saturday, October 6, 2012

Soda Cravings

So I'm on Day 22 of my Sugar Detox.  And I capitalize all that because it's all Very Important.  I haven't had soda in three weeks and two days.  And all I want in the world right now is a giant diet coke.  From 7-11.  A monster-gulp 50 ounces of caramel goo in carbonated water.  

I'm officially over most of my sugar cravings.  I have some oreos in the cupboard that have been there for a month, and I looked at them today, and considered them, with their chocolate and icing sweetness, their crunchy goodness, and all I could think was, "meh" and then I sighed.  There is a half gallon of peach ice cream in the freezer, and it does nothing for me.  Nothing at all.  

The pumpkin spice "lattes" at 7-11 do nothing to tempt me, either.  I really don't miss them. 

But soda.  Ah, fizzy sweetness.  How I miss you, and long for you.

I'm thinking about joining a 12-step program.

That's all I can think about right now.  Giant plastic cups overflowing with sweet fizz...

(But, I'm down 8 lbs since I started this sugar detox, which makes it about 32 pounds total from my highest weight.  So it's worth it.  I guess.)

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