Thursday, August 9, 2012

Places I've been in the past 6 weeks:

1) New York
2) Lancaster PA
3) ALA in Anaheim
4) London
5) Iceland
6) San Francisco
7) Home in my mountains

That's why I've gone all incommunicado.  Too many airports.  

And now I'm all busy doing laundry and cleaning and getting to know my cats, who had forgotten about me and much prefer Melanie, our petsitter.  Apparently she fed them a lot of wet food.  I don't like cleaning up puke more than I have to, so they don't get much wet food from me.  Bummer for them.

But hey, I'm back, and I'm alive, and I'm going to be blogging again.  (She always says this...and then she disappears again...I'm so fickle....)

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