Sunday, November 8, 2009


It's been a busy week. I slept nine hours last night, and man, did I need it. Here's how the week went...

Friday, 10/30: J started his Landmark Forum, and I drove to Pasadena to set up the CLA booth. CLA started from 4-7pm and I drove home in Friday night traffic. Got home at about 9:30. J called at 10:30, all excited from his first day, so we talked until 1am.

Saturday 10/31: I went to Pasadena to get to the booth by noon-ish (left around 10:30). Booth time, then meetings until about 6. Came home, felt lazy and not like cooking at all, so had grilled chicken from KFC. J called at 11 or so, and we talked until 2, which was really 1 since the clocks went back.

Sunday 11/1: Went to the booth by 10. Stayed until 3 when CLA was over. Went to the Glendale Galleria to shoot the breeze until 6ish when I headed over to LAX to be with J as he finished his Landmark Forum. Was there until 10, then came home and J was, of course, totally excited about life, and we were up until about 1:30 talking.

Monday 11/2: Woke up and went to MCLS early. Came home and actually had an evening at home, but J was still in talky mood, so we were up until pretty late, despite my best efforts.

Tuesday 11/3: Worked at home but went to J's Tuesday Evening session with guests. Got home at 2am - ate at In-n-Out after the evening session was over.

Wednesday 11/4: Worked at home but went to my agreement in the evening. Got home at 1am.
Thursday 11/5: Went to MCLS, and nearly passed out in the grocery store on the way home.

Friday 11/6: Worked at home, but went to ILP Classroom in the evening. Got home at 1.

LONG WEEK. I was so desperate for the long sleep that I got last night and this morning. Life is so much better after you sleep. I've also been slightly freaked out all week by J since he's on fire from doing the Landmark Forum. He's got so much energy and has so many amazing goals and plans now - I keep wondering what happened to my husband!

Today J's friends came over - they have a six month old, and I'm having fun with her. It's kind of freaking me out about having our own. It sure does require a lot of energy.

Anyway, that's it for now. I started my novel this weekend for National Novel Writing Month and am up to about 10,000 words. Nice to be back on schedule.

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