Thursday, May 28, 2009

Some things I'm thinking about right now...

-bummed at missing the Champion's League final yesterday now that I know who won. Bummer for ManU. Catching up on what happened with podcasts

-heard on Marketplace (I love Marketplace...):
The pope's radio station is going to start running ads for the first time in the 78 years it's been on the air. Vatican Radio said this week it'll start taking what the pope's spokesman calls "ideologically sound" commercials come July. The first spot will be from the Italian energy company Enel. They don't call 'em ads, by the way. It's... publicity.

-think AudioBoo is the coolest new toy ever.

-and I'm stoked that I got invited to join the Amazon Vine program because I have a high reviewer ranking. All those years of reviewing books and music is paying off. Man, I'm so excited. Free books. Yay for me!

- watched The Fashion Show for the first time the other day - I'm going through Project Runway withdrawal, so I thought i'd give it a try. Bad move. Isaac and Kelly do not match up to Tim and Heidi, and the contestants all seem really weird. I like the team challenge aspect, though.

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