Monday, February 16, 2009


I'm glad I didn't buy new springtime patio cushions when they first came out at Target a few weeks ago, when, coincidentally, we also had a warm spell and I thought winter might be over. No such luck.

We had snow all weekend last weekend, but it wasn't really sticking, until Monday morning when I had to go up to San Mateo. I wound up getting stuck up there because J got stuck on the mountain and couldn't come down to get me at the airport. Which was a fun excuse to go to the gap and buy some new clothes, I admit, but still, it wasn't under the best of circumstances.

Then on Thursday we checked the weather again and it predicted this storm coming Friday, with a break on Saturday, and then the big whopper on Sunday and Monday. So we went down the hill and got groceries, etc., on Thursday night so we could just hunker down and be warm and not worry about having to go anywhere. Now we're getting a weird mixture of sleet, hail, snow and rain, plus it's wicked foggy. I'm making a shephard's pie, which seems about the most appropriate food to have on a day like this. I'm slightly worried because I'm running low on diet cokes, but I can always walk up to the liquor store to get some. And our tv/dish is working, so really, we have everything we need and life is good. It's nice to be snowed in when you don't have to get anywhere. And I have an empty calendar this week.

I'm happily getting back into reading since I finished the newest Matthew Shardlake mystery that I was waiting for such a long time. It seems my entertainment crisis is abating somewhat, which is nice. Now if only the snow would melt so I could start working on some of my other new year's resolutions which include doing sociable things. It's hard to be sociable when you've got two feet of snow on the ground and can't get anywhere.

I think I'll play the piano some tonight, and catch up on a pile of magazines that need to be read. It's nice to be cozy, but I sure am looking forward to sunshine again soon!

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