Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ode to Partying

When I was 25 I had my "going out on the pull" outfit, which was a pair of slinky black trousers with this little teensy TopShop magenta sweater that was cut waaaay too deep in both the front and the back and barely met the waistband of the trousers. I know it's probably tame compared to what "kids these days" wear, but having grown up in Amish Country it was quite risque, and I felt like a hussy whenever I wore it on Big Nights Out when I thought being a hussy would be fun.

I partied like a rock star, and since it was London and I never had to worry about driving, I did it the "right" way, too. On more than one occasion, I peed my pants on the Underground (if I was coherant enough, I'd get off at the first stop and wait for the next train so the other passengers could deal with my little accidental puddle). Once I threw up on myself. Another time I fell asleep while my friend was trying to get a cab, and when I woke up a few minutes later, I was surrounded by coins. People obviously thought I was homeless. The perpetual 25 year old in me thinks that was really hilarious.

I didn't even mind the hangovers so much. There was this fun sense of comraderie standing in line at Burger King with the other hungover people in the morning, trying to get enough grease and salt to soak up the alcohol so that the world wasn't blurry and our heads weren't splitting. Eating a salty croissant thing for breakfast, getting a 10am packet of kettle chips, guzzling water. Being able to say "god, I hope last night was worth all this..." and knowing that it probably wasn't, but it was still fun.

These days I get excited by getting my Ralphs Rewards bonus points for bringing my own bags to the grocery store. The Anya Hindmarch bags at Target gave me a wee bit of a Targasm. Going out to chase the skunk off the porch is always a little bit scary - what if he sprays? Oooh, the danger....


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